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Monday, October 1

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Can You Hear





  • Choir lessons start today!  Make sure you bring your binder, pencil, My Online Resource page, & Lesson Guide.  Monday lessons are... Lilly, Faith.  Tuesday ,lessons are Rebecca, Savanna, Josie
  • This is a block week!  Block days will be Thursday & Friday.
  • FYI...You do not need to log in to SmartMusic to use the Exercises and Sight-Reading books.  Just open up the progam!
  • The district has changed the path to the music programs.  Please follow this new path - Start/All Programs/Auralia (or SmartMusic or Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory) 





  • Monday, October 1:  Individual Musical Growth Reflection Due
  • Monday, October 1:  Finish learning your part for Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.  I expect that Monday each section can sing their part PERFECTLY along with the piano.





  • Noo (121, 171, 12321)
  • Do Re Do Mi Do Fa Do Sol---Do
  • Zah Oh



Ear Training

Minor Scales



Lesson Plan  

Issues with Assignment for today?

Block lunch lessons?

Song to sing at District Festival?



Run I Have a Dream



  • Check Parts
    • Put  C together 
    • Put intro together 
    • Put ending  together


Los Bilbilicos

  • Vowels & Legato line


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