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Thursday, September 27

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Can You Hear





  • Choir lessons will start next week!
  • Remember you must make-up all missed rehearsals and document your make-up work in your choir make-up journal.  Fall journals will not be accepted after Monday, September 22.
  • Students will be marked tardy if they are late to class and do not have a pass.





  • Rich Tone




Lesson Plan  


  • Errors?
  • Procedures & Expectations
  • Computer Lessons
    • You must check in
    • You should be spending 20 minutes working
    • How do you know what to work on? (show in google)
    • How do you find the programs and resources? 
    • Show  Auralia, SmartMusic, Music Theory, Music Literacy Resource
    • SmartMusic.pdf  



Run Beautiful Treasure
Run Los Bilbilicos



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